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Barre at Satori

Sculpt & Challenge Your Body

Welcome To Barre at Satori

Transform your body while enjoying a sexy, fun, energetic workout. Barre uses techniques from Pilates, dance and yoga. In your hour class we will bring each major muscle group to fatigue using isometric movements with minimal impact. In barre the smaller movements make the big change. Directly after muscles are brought to fatigue we stretch them out to build long lean muscles and beautiful definition without bulkiness. This class is a blast and anyone is capable of taking barre at Satori no matter the age, body type or fitness level with NO dance experience needed. We are here to help you find the best you! First class is free what are you waiting for?

-Arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in for first class
-Wear grip socks option or bare feet -Bring a yoga mat, water and a positive attitude

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Satori Dance Studio

122 S Monroe St Ste D Spokane wa

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Barre Classes


Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 AM

Barre classes use elements of Pilates, dance, and yoga to fun motivating music. In each workout we will use our bodies and the Barre to sculpt, slim and stretch your entire body. Let’s look over the top 5 reasons you must try a Barre workout.

  • Challenging head to toe workout with minimal impact on joints- the small movements help for low pressure on your joints. You will see a change in your core strength and overall posture after attending barre. You will leave looking and feeling taller.

  • All fitness levels welcomed- we all have different bodies, strengths and challenges, we recognize that. There are so many modifications and challenges in Barre for every person and level you are at. Here we encourage you do what feels good to your body, we love different here no need to synchronize or be the same. Challenge yourself always, not the person next to you.

  • Gain muscle and increase your flexibility- we will do tiny movements, pulses and holds and work each muscles group till fatigue then we will stretch those muscles out helping to create longer leaner muscles, no bulkiness.

  • Great strength training for other sports, activities and overall range of motion- great place to come to help your endurance and strength training for you dancers. Find better knee alignment, balance and stronger quads and hamstrings for you skiers and snowboarders. Golfers and tennis players find your better swing with greater hip openness and movements. Whatever your sport is Barre can help you find the better stronger you!

  • Fast results while having fun- your first week your will be sore, we will work muscles you may have forgot you had. Stick with it, we suggest 2-4 workouts a week, be excited and embrace the change! Changes may include better posture, sculpted arms and back, flat abs and a firmer butt! It’s never the same class twice, which makes it never boring and always fun. Burn approximately 300-600 calories in one class!

Are you ready to start sculpting?

First Class FREE

Drop-in class $15

5 Classes $70

10 Classes $110

1st Month Unlimited $100

1 Month Unlimited $105

Bring a Friend and your class is FREE

Cash or check only at this time

Come Scuplt, Strengthen & Stretch with our Certified Barre™ Instructor Kassandra Miller

Our Certified Barre™ Instructor

Certified Barre™ Instructor
Kassandra Miller
Raised in Spokane Washington, Kassandra loved every sport she could squeeze in from tennis, golf, volleyball and basketball. She truly believes in living a healthy active lifestyle. Starting at the age of 4 Kassy found her love for dance at Donnas school of dance and music. Where she continued and taught tap, jazz and ballet. When she tried Barre for the first time it changed the way she worked out and she quickly knew she had found something special. She received her certification through Barre Beyond. Outside the studio Kassy loves her yoga practice, the outdoors, camping, hiking, skiing, and most of all her two Beautuful black labs.


Kassandra is an awesome instructor. You know she cares about each person in her class, because she breaks down every move so you understand. And she gladly offers assistance if needed. You leave the class feeling healthy and rejuvenated. You may be sore the next day- but it is well worth it!

—Audrey Williams

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Try your first class free!

Barre is a fun, energetic, minimal impact workout

Small movements = BIG change

No dance experience needed

Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 AM

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See you there!

Class times are Tuesday - Saturday at 9:30 AM

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